We are in the age of m-commerce, so it is imperative that you own a website to promote your business through both internet users as well as mobile users. Unlike last decade today it is very easy to create a website. The design, theme, layout and every customization is quite easy to do. Before getting into those aspects the first thing that you need to consider is the domain name. You got to make the right choice of domain name to create a website for your business. Branding yourself by means of your domain name is important.

Getting a domain name that is easy to recognise and easy to find means that your online presence will be much more dynamic. However there are certain set rules while selecting a domain name for having good SEO. Also certain items are negotiable, others, however, are essentially set in stone, and you want to bear them firmly in mind. Something violation can get you in trouble and you may lose your domain name if you knowingly or unknowingly violate the Trade marks.

The top four things to look for in a domain name are these:

1. Find a name that reflects what you do in your business. If you are not booking a domain name for your brand but targeting for keyword, then you need find a EMD; EMD means ‘exact match domain‘ name. You need to analyse the keyword and select a right domain name. If your business is based on deodorizing a room, then you need to look for a domain name like deodorizearoom.com, this will greatly help in better SEO.

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2. Search engines are evolving and the requirements for ranking your website higher also changes, the trend today is, top level domain names like .com, .net and .org (.co has also joined the top level domain name) are always better. Don’t go for domain extensions like .info, .tk, .ws and others.

3. Avoid using hypens or numbers in the domain name, while plural form of a word is fine. Also a shorter domain name is much better than a long domain name, a domain name value is calculated based on the following things

  • Domain name length (shorter the better)
  • Exact matching words
  • Top level tlds like .com, .net and .org
  • Domain age. Domain Age is given importance, also the duration for which your domain name is booked is important. If you are booking your domain name only for 1 year, then the search engines will be suspicious about your site, as they doubt if you are serious about your business, so they will not rank you higher, but if you book your domain name for 3 years or higher, then they will trust you and consider you as a serious player.

4. Never select a domain name with a trademark in it. For example, you can select a domain name like bestmotorbikes.com but you should not book a domain name as honda is a trademark and you will violate it. You may get away with it initially but if you get popular then honda will just write to the registrar and you domain name will be taken away from you. You might also be sued for using their trademark and this may lead to some very expensive legal proceedings. Use Godaddy to select the domain name.


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